Find your new winter shade with a little bit of help from us. With the changing of seasons, your skin tone will change, and so your hair should change along with it; don’t you agree?

◊ Winter Hair Colors ◊

We have chosen our top five hair colors that are currently trending and are believed to trend throughout the new year. Remember to always consult with a hair colorist before dying your luscious locks to prevent any major damage!

First, we have the trendy granny gray look.


Second, we have granny coming from a party with some unicorn dust stuck in her hair which many are calling the Opal Color, which can range the full spectrum of pastel colors.


Third, we have the Bronde look, which is a mix between blonde and brunette. This allows for a happy medium between the two if you don’t want to commit to just one.


Fourth, we have the Ash Brown color, which many brunettes are taking advantage of this winter.


Finally, we have Soft Black, which continues to trend throughout the years.


Let us know which hair color you would chose or have chosen by commenting below. ♥


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