Before deciding on what hairstyle to choose. You need to make sure to consider if this is for a day date or a night date and where your valentine will be taking you! If it’s a surprise, always plan the situation to go in any direction. ➹ ➷

For any type of plan you have for Valentine’s Day, we’ve got you covered💘

♥ Valentine’s Day Hairstyles ♥

We have found our favorite hairstyles for Valentine’s Day and we are going to let you decide to which dates you wear them on.

First, we have the Sweetheart Bun. You can make a regular bun or braid the strands of your hair and pin it into the shape of a heart. We think they both look amazing!



Next, we have the Long and Loose Ponytail Braid, if you plan to just hang out and go with the flow.


Then, we have the Classic Teased Ponytail if you’re in the mood to tease someone.😉


Next, we have the Half-Up Hair Bow. When you can’t find the perfect bow to match, create your own.🎀


Then, we have the Messy Updo, you can look sexy or sweet or a combination of the two, it’s up to you!


Last but not least, we have the quick, easy, messy Beach Waves. Don’t know where you’re going or what you’re doing, keep it safe and try this hairstyle on your date.


Which one will you chose for Valentine’s Day?!?

Comment below and tell us or tag #hiddencrown to show us! We are excited to see what you guys will do!


♔ Hidden Crown ♔