She’s beautiful.  She’s intelligent.  She’s determined.  She’s the ultimate queen!  Shelley Goodstein is at the tip-top of the Hidden Crown Hair Extensions company.  She’s the woman who started the entire project!  The crazy thing about it?  This is only one of the many remarkable things she’s done in her life.

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Shelley is a queen with 50 years of experience under her belt.  She’s basically a girl that manages many titles; a former Miss North Dakota USA, currently a model for FORD models, author and publisher of Face This: A Model’s Secrets, and founder of Hidden Crown Hair Extensions.

All while managing an entire business, writing books, and posing for pictures, Shelley is raising three beautiful children.  She encourages her family to live a “healthy today, healthy tomorrow” lifestyle, considering she is a type 1 diabetic for over 35 years.  Through this lifelong challenge, she’s learned that she loves supporting good causes just as much as beauty.

As the founder of Hidden Crown Hair Extensions, Shelley has managed to create a way for everyday women to look and feel beautiful.  She emphasizes that she only wants to provide the very best products possible!  As a model, she’s learned the tips, tricks and secrets models and makeup artists use to look their best, which is why she wanted to offer an extension design that you can put on yourself in less than a minute with absolutely no damage to your own hair.

Thank you Shelley, for the endless time and hard work you put into Hidden Crown Hair Extensions. ♥


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