HDC-16-07-G-016-br It’s time to go back to school and you’re going to need some easy hairstyles for your busy mornings!

Quick, easy, and effortless hairstyles is perfect for when you only have a little time in the morning before jetting off to school.

The first hairstyle we love is the ponytail braid. Just throw on your Hidden Crown Hair Extensions and slick your hair back into a pony. Once your hair is tied up into a ponytail, choose the braid you want! We think the fishtail braid looks amazing and goes with any style you will be wearing!

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The second hairstyle we love for back to school is the pulled back look. If you want to wear your hair down, but add a little extra something to make it stand out or maybe even up, this is the hairstyle for you. All you need for this hairstyle is a fine tooth comb, hairspray, and a few bobby pins. First make sure you brush your hair back. Take the top half of your hair and tease it to give the top of your hair more volume. Comb over the top to smooth it out. On both sides of your head pull back your hair and bobby pin it so the sides are pulled back but you leave the volume on the top. It’s that easy and that effortless!


The third and final hairstyle is one we like to wear the most. It takes hardly any effort and you can even do it as you’re walking into class! For this hairstyle all you need is a hair-tie and maybe a bobby pin if you want to pin your bangs back. Pull your hair back into a low pony but instead of pulling your hair all the way through on the last tie, pull your hair half way through to create a low messy bun!

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Which hairstyles will you choose in the morning? Don’t forget to try something new and send us pictures of your back to school hairstyles!


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