Dry Shampoo has actually been around longer than you might think. It was created surprisingly before liquid shampoo. Its main goal was to keep your hair in style and prevent it from carrying any odor. While it still serves some of the same purposes today it is also used to keep the color in your hair longer. Dry shampoo also comes in handy if you are in a rush in regards of time. Not only will it help keep the shape you want your hair to take on, it will also help fight off humidity. Using dry shampoo allows you to go longer in-between each shampoo use. It also incorporates volume to your hairstyle that will hold throughout the day if you get the right product for your hair type. A majority of the grease and oils in your hair will also be picked up by the dry shampoo while leaving behind a nice fragrance that stays on your scalp. It should be considered to use for hair extensions as well because water contact should try to be avoided. Finally, if you are washing your hair less with traditional shampooing you will have the opportunity to give your hair a break from using so many tools and products as often as you do. There is a right dry shampoo for everyone!

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