How are you going to style your hair for Thanksgiving?! We have a few ideas we know you’ll LOVE!

Keep reading to find out what they are.

 We like to keep things simple around the Holidays so we can spend less time getting ready and more time with our loved ones.

Keeping things simple doesn’t mean boring or bland.

Get creative! Get funky! & try something new!

You all already know how obsessed we are with braids and crowns, so it makes sense that our favorite Thanksgiving hairstyle is a braid crown!!!

This one we absolutely adore and it’s so easy to do! All you have to do is split your hair into two sections in the back & braid each section. You will then have two braids. Take each of the braids and wrap it around your head in opposite directions creating a crown. Voilà you have created the perfect Thanksgiving look in just a few minutes!


If you aren’t as obsessed with braids as we are, you can always wear a flower crown instead!

Fall colors are the perfect accent to any outfit and work perfectly for any Thanksgiving gathering.


Would you rather let you long luscious locks down for the Holidays?!

Well we have two hairstyles for that, we know you will love!

Of course we always go back to our favorite….braids!

So take three small sections of hair on the side and start braiding! Take your curling iron and make the rest of your hair wavy to give that extra bit of texture to your hair.


Last but not the least! The causal messy look.

For this look all you have to do is curl your hair, pull back the sides, twist them back, & pull it into a loose messy half bun!


How will you wear your hair?!

Share some of your ideas and Holiday hairstyles with us by tagging us in your photos from the Holidays!!!

Until next time…

XoXo – Hidden Crown