Hello beautiful!
Thank you for your order from Hidden Crown Hair! We want you to know that your order has been confirmed and will be sent to you shortly. You will receive another email with a unique USPS tracking number for your package. If you have any questions about your order please contact us at contact@hiddencrown.com – your order will be processed and shipped within 24-36 hours (excluding weekends & holidays).

Please note that once your order is placed it goes directly to the shipping room and processed to go out, so it is not possible to modify or cancel your order once placed.

With each hair order you will receive a swatch color lighter/darker to be sure you have the best possible match. You may return or exchange within 7 days ONLY is you have not removed the 2 plastic security ties from the top of the hair. Please understand if you remove those ties that it voids our return policy.

In the meantime, please checkout our social media and YouTube channel for directions on fitting, styling and how to care for your Hidden Crown! We are always here to help!

The team at Hidden Crown