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Hey hey hey everyone! Guess where we are featured on… Mane Addicts!

If you have never heard of “Mane Addicts,” they are the one stop destination for all things related to hair. Whether you need inspiration for a new style, want to learn how to do a runway look, or want to learn more about the experts, we’ve got you covered.

Featured in April, writer Allison McNamara talking about using our products with the post “Create These 6 Gorgeous Hairstyles with Hidden Crown Extensions.” This article also features celebrity hair stylists Scott Cunha and Scott King sharing how easy it is to apply Hidden Crown Extensions as well.

If you haven’t read it already, check out our featured article on Mane Addicts today!

Scotty Cunha, member of the Kardashian’s glam squad has been their personal stylist for the past 6 years. His rise to fame after working a humble job brewing coffee at Starbucks has made him the new “IT” guy! Now, Scotty has teamed up with the popular hair-inspiration, tutorial, and featuring page Mane Addicts to show us some beautiful hairstyles that can be created with HIDDEN CROWN HAIR! Keep scrolling to see his hair tutorial using Hidden Crown.