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The big question is what to get your guy for Valentine’s Day? Well, you’re in luck, we have complied the perfect list of ideas to make your man a happy one.


Ariana Grande

She did it! Ariana Grande went platinum blonde! How do you feel about this sudden change? Click “more” for more pictures!



She’s beautiful.  She’s intelligent.  She’s determined.  She’s the ultimate queen!  Shelley Goodstein is at the tip-top of the Hidden Crown Hair Extensions company.  She’s the woman who started the entire project!  The crazy thing about it?  This is only one of the many remarkable things she’s done in her life.



Keep reading to see our newest featured Queens! ♥ (more…)

Hair Care Tips

Tangling— it happens to the best of us.  Lucky for you, we’ve figured out the best tips and tricks to keep your hair from getting tangled!


Queen of the Week - Aubrey Kinch

Without a doubt, you have seen us repost a ton of Aubrey Kinch’s pictures.  Hey, it’s not our fault we’re kind of obsessed with her!  She has a lovely spirit that matches her outer beauty perfectly.  Keep reading to learn a little more about her.


Crowns & Buns Blog

Who loves summer as much as we do?  Beach trips, picnics, and ice cream…too amazing.  The only struggle is trying to beat the heat!  But thanks to Hidden Crown, there’s a simple solution: massive hair buns.


Queens Wearing Crowns

Have we mentioned how much we L O V E getting everyone’s #CrownSelfie photos? We enjoy it so much, we’ve gathered a few of everyone’s photos and have started our new series: Queens With Crowns! 


Caitlyn Jenner

As you may have heard, Bruce Jenner has officially publicly revealed herself as Caitlyn Jenner…and we love the message she is sending.  Be yourself to live!


Wedding Hair- Up-do


We LOVE Wedding Season! And most importantly… Wedding Hairstyles!  Brides deserve to look and feel their absolute best, which is why we created this beautiful Wedding Up-do tutorial on Dana for her wedding day!