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“It’s raining drama on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills but thanks to Hidden Crown Hair my locks stay looking fab!”

Teddi Jo Mellencamp | RHOBH


“I can not begin to describe how IN LOVE I am withHidden Crown Hair Extensions! I mean ALL this gorgeous hair and no maintenance 💖 They come in a ton of colors! I’m in LOOOOVE!!!”

LeeAnne Locken | RHOD


Celebrity hairstylist, Julius Michael said it best…
“Watch me create this faux lob I did to Kyle Richards on tonight’s episode of #RHOBH thanks toHidden Crown Hair Extensions! You don’t need to chop off your hair to get today’s hottest #haircut!”


Ramona Singer – RHONYC

Even though the style is short, you’ll note that it has tons of volume. That’s thanks, in part, to Hidden Crown clip-ins. “I always like to add a few clip-ins for extra volume. They’re super easy to clip-in and clip-out — and easy way to make a big impact,” said celebrity hairstylist Julius Michael. 

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Ashley Graham absolutely SLAYED the Red Carpet for the @si_swimsuit launch! Hair by the ever so talented, @davidlopezhair! He helped give Ashley her gorgeous textured waves using Hidden Crown Layers #3-22″











Hidden Crown

Day 12 of Styles with Hidden Crown:

Products featured: HC Layers 22″ Color #60/8

Step #1
Apply your halo style extensions

Step #2
Section off the top half of your hair from your temples to just above your crown (like a horseshoe)

Step #3
Using a small elastic, create a messy knot

Step #4
Wrap any loose hairs around the messy knot, secure hairs with bobby pins

Step #5
Tease the rooting around your head to create volume in the hair below the messy knot

Merry Christmas from all of us here at Hidden Crown!

Day 11 of Styles with Hidden Crown:

Product featured: DayDream 14′ & DayDream 18″ Color #60/8

Step #1-
Apply your longer halo style extension

Step #2-
Apply your shorter halo style extension

Step #3-
Curl or straighten all your hair

Step #4-
Add a cute beanie to complete the style for warm Xmas Eve

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Teddi Jo Mellencamp

John Cougar Mellencamp’s daughter, newest member of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, airs Dec 19th

Click here as she shows you step-by-step how to apply and style your Hidden Crown.


Tamara Judge

The Real Housewives of Orange County

Check her out wearing Hidden Crown on Instagram

Stephanie Hollman

The Real Housewives of Dallas

Ramona Singer

The Real Housewives of New York City

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Hidden Crown Team

Day 8 of Styles with Hidden Crown:

Image may contain: 2 people

Products featured: Hidden Crown Layers 18″ Color #60/8

Step #1-
Put on your HC halo shaped extension

Step #2-
Create volume by teasing both sides of your head

Step #3-
Create volume by teasing the back crown area of your head

Step #4-
Pull all your hair over to one side and separate into three even sections

Step #5-
Braid your hair starting from the nape of your neck to the ends of your hair and secure with an elastic

Step #6-
Pinch and pull (pancake braid) each bend of your braid to make your braid fuller looking

Step #7-
Pair with a cute head band to dress up any style

Day 2 of our 12 Days of Hidden Crown Holiday Hairstyles! Simple and elegant with Bonnie B…
Day 2 of Styles with Hidden Crown:

Product featured: Hidden Crown 20″ Color #60/8

Step #1
Apply your Hidden Crown Halo-shaped Extension

Step #2
Pull the top half of your hair up and over the Hidden Crown Extension

Step #3
Section off the front two sections of hair

Step #4
Slightly tease the rooting of each side section of hair

Step #5
Twist/roll back each side section and secure with a bobby pin

Step #6
Style your hair as desire by curling or straightening

QUEENS! We welcome you to 12 Days of Hidden Crown Holiday Hairstyles! Each day we will be posting a new look with step by step instructions on how to create these beautiful looks. All done by Queen Bonnie B herself!

Day 1 of Styles with Hidden Crown:

Step #1-
Apply your Hidden Crown Halo-shaped Extension

Step #2-
Apply your Crown Topper

Step #3-
Section off the front side sections of your hair and clip out of the way under your chin

Step #4-
Create a small back centered ponytail with some volume

Step #5-
Taking large sections French braid all the hair in the back

Step #6-
Unclip the front two side sections of your hair
Twist the left side section of your hair

Step #7-
Lay it across the back of your head and pin to the other side with a bobby pin

Step #8-
Twist the right side section and lay across the back of your head securing it on the left side with a bobby pin

Step #9-
Pull and pin hair where needed to complete your style

Hidden Crown Hair Extensions has 140 grams of the finest quality human REMY hair to add instant length and volume. REMY hair is the highest grade of human hair on the market. This is because the hair still has its outer cuticle layer and all the follicles face the same direction. This makes your Hidden Crown last longer, stay shinier, feel silky, and stay tangle free. Hidden Crown is also a double-drawn hair extension. This means that the strands are the same thickness from root to tip rather than becoming wispy at the ends. This process is very laborious, resulting in a bit higher price, but the very best quality. With that being said, it’s super easy to curl your Hidden Crown! Treat it as if it’s your OWN hair! Watch the video below along with other great videos on our YouTube channel!

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Everyone loves fall and so does your hair! Read on for the most flattering hair colors to the most popular cuts and styles for fall 2017!

  • Curly girls, keep your layers long for fuller ends.
  • Face framing tendrils!
  • Crop! Keep your hair all one length, allowing it graze the tops of your collarbone.
  • Go for a badass buzz cut that couldn’t be more chic.
  • Embrace your regrowth! Purposefully grown-out look is all the glamour of a shiny blonde minus the high maintenance.
  • A low pony has mega-watt shine.
  • Textured layers and piece-y bangs are pure rock and roll and perfect for fall.
  • Forget messy buns! A coiled topknot looks like a work of art.
  • Caramel highlights, add instant warmth to your look, making it the perfect way to transition your summer sun-kissed hair into fall.
  • All Natural. natural coils prove that your best style is often the one you’ve already got!
  • A warm (almost rosy) blonde, is the most flattering shade for medium skin tones.
  • Wet look, slicked-back strands radiate pure sophistication.
  • Somewhere between short and long, a collar bone-length strands are the ideal middle ground for fall.
  • Tightly pulled back ponytails with ample shine are a sleek night-out look you can easily do at home.
  • An undone braid, looks chic and helps keep you cool on hot fall days.
  • Shaggy bang length for fall: basically resting on your lashes.
  • The buttery brown-blonde mashup, is an amped up version of dark blonde.
  • Mermaid hair makes for an instant style!

Hope these fall tips help you make your way through the holidays IN STYLE!

Until next time…