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Thinking of what to get your bestie for the holidays?  Put together a Gift Basket that she’ll love!



Hats are a quick fix for any bad hair day– but you can turn a bad hair day into a great hair day by pairing your hat with the perfect hairstyle.



We want YOU to have the BEST quality hair extensions possible. Keep reading to see the extra steps we take to ensure you have a perfect crown sitting on your head. ♥



We’ve made a grand appearance on InTouch Magazine!  Another chance for women to discover the amazing opportunity to look and feel their best. ♥



Keep reading to see our newest featured Queens! ♥ (more…)

Hair Care Tips

Tangling— it happens to the best of us.  Lucky for you, we’ve figured out the best tips and tricks to keep your hair from getting tangled!


Queen of the Week - Whitney Rife

It’s that time again!  We’ve chosen our next Queen of the Week and it goes out to… Whitney Rife!  Keep reading below to see the reasons we love her and are inspired by her. ♥


Queens Wearing Crowns

Have we mentioned how much we L O V E getting everyone’s #CrownSelfie photos? We enjoy it so much, we’ve gathered a few of everyone’s photos and have started our new series: Queens With Crowns! 


Natalie Jensen

Today marks the first day of our new Blog Series: Queen of the Week! And our first Queen is the blonde beauty, Natalie Jensen!  Keep reading to see why we chose Natalie to be our Queen of the Week. 


Natalie Stacking Testimonial

In this video Natalie Jensen shows us how to stack two Hidden Crown Hair Extensions! Natalie wears color 60/8P, and stacks a 20 inch and 16 inch Hidden Crown for a look with more volume.