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Hidden Crown Hair Extensions has 140 grams of the finest quality human REMY hair to add instant length and volume. REMY hair is the highest grade of human hair on the market. This is because the hair still has its outer cuticle layer and all the follicles face the same direction. This makes your Hidden Crown last longer, stay shinier, feel silky, and stay tangle free. Hidden Crown is also a double-drawn hair extension. This means that the strands are the same thickness from root to tip rather than becoming wispy at the ends. This process is very laborious, resulting in a bit higher price, but the very best quality. With that being said, it’s super easy to curl your Hidden Crown! Treat it as if it’s your OWN hair! Watch the video below along with other great videos on our YouTube channel!

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Everyone loves fall and so does your hair! Read on for the most flattering hair colors to the most popular cuts and styles for fall 2017!

  • Curly girls, keep your layers long for fuller ends.
  • Face framing tendrils!
  • Crop! Keep your hair all one length, allowing it graze the tops of your collarbone.
  • Go for a badass buzz cut that couldn’t be more chic.
  • Embrace your regrowth! Purposefully grown-out look is all the glamour of a shiny blonde minus the high maintenance.
  • A low pony has mega-watt shine.
  • Textured layers and piece-y bangs are pure rock and roll and perfect for fall.
  • Forget messy buns! A coiled topknot looks like a work of art.
  • Caramel highlights, add instant warmth to your look, making it the perfect way to transition your summer sun-kissed hair into fall.
  • All Natural. natural coils prove that your best style is often the one you’ve already got!
  • A warm (almost rosy) blonde, is the most flattering shade for medium skin tones.
  • Wet look, slicked-back strands radiate pure sophistication.
  • Somewhere between short and long, a collar bone-length strands are the ideal middle ground for fall.
  • Tightly pulled back ponytails with ample shine are a sleek night-out look you can easily do at home.
  • An undone braid, looks chic and helps keep you cool on hot fall days.
  • Shaggy bang length for fall: basically resting on your lashes.
  • The buttery brown-blonde mashup, is an amped up version of dark blonde.
  • Mermaid hair makes for an instant style!

Hope these fall tips help you make your way through the holidays IN STYLE!

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Say Bye-Bye to unwanted tones from the sun and elements of summer and hello to flattering warm tones!!

For blondes, there’s no time like fall to embrace warmth. Why? Because “ashy and beige shades wash out your complexion. For glowing color , creates dimension with butterscotch lowlights, then bolsters highlights with a golden gloss.

Before lightening up, a brunette must go darker. It’s very common for brunettes get brassy in the summer, so go one or two shades darker with a single process to diminish any unwanted orange or red tones.

Whether washed-out ginger or eye-popping vermillion, avoid cool undertones. Warmer tones, like auburn, tend to be more flattering.

Krystle Lina is the perfect balance of bad girl meets good girl. In some of her photographs she looks like a beauty queen, in others, a gorgeous tattooed, bombshell. No matter what, she’s definitely someone you need in your life. I bet you’re just happy we brought her to your attention.

We adore Krystle Lina and the work she’s done with us…


Hi Queens! One of the most frequently asked question we get is, “Can I straighten my Hidden Crown?” The answer is YES! As you may know, our extensions are 100% human REMY hair. Most women are unsure as to what “REMY hair” is. Remy hair was used to describe human hair that was the highest grade of virgin hair with an intact cuticle. Here at Hidden Crown, we strive to keep the highest quality at the lowest price on the market. Now back to the main reason why we are here…

Take a seat and grab your Hidden Crown and follow this quick little tutorial with Bonnie B on how to Straighten Your Hidden Crown.

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Hop this video was helpful! Visit our YouTube channel for more Hidden Crown videos! Until next time…


Don’t know about you, but we are constantly on the search for the best hair products. When it comes to hair and this time of year, some days can be a blessing and other days can be a total disaster. With that being said, check out our October hair favorites!

ORIBE Free Styler Working Hairspray

Product Description

The stylist’s tool of choice, this ultra-fine, ultra-dry mist can be layered, styled and reworked to perfection. Spray over finished looks for light, brushable hold with a touchable, satin finish.


IGK Rich Kid Coconut Oil Gel

Product Description

A coconut-oil-infused gel that moisturizes and defines curls for a tousled, carefree look.


Texturizing Sea Spray

Product Description

Create beautifully tousled, beachy hairstyles anywhere while adding lush volume with touchable movement.


Last but not least our Hidden Crown product of the month is our Crown Topper in color #3!

Product Description

Most women tend to go darker this time of year, what better way to do so with NO DAMAGE! We offer two options, rooted and non rooted. For more on this products CLICK HERE!


Why So Greasy?
The first step to understanding how to deal with your oily concerns is to understand why you are greasy to begin with. Sometimes the problem is a temporary hormonal problem that can come with puberty, thyroid complications, pregnancy, and sometimes menopause.


Quick Fixes for a Greasy Scalp
Whether your greasy scalp is a temporary or permanent problem in your life, you’ll be happy to know that there are a lot of products and tips that can make life with extra oil much easier. Here are some tips to help combat your oily hair battle:


  • Check Your Shampoo Technique
    Make sure you are shampooing your hair properly, which means rinse, rinse, rinse. You should be rinsing your hair for a minimum of 30 seconds. Sometimes greasy hair is actually shampoo or conditioner that hasn’t been rinsed completely.
  • Use Cold Water
    Rinse your hair with cool water after shampooing. Hot water can stimulate the glands that produce sebum, while cold water helps shut them down. Plus cool water helps close your cuticle and reduce damage to your hair.
  • Limit Use of Hair Dryer
    Whenever possible, let your hair air dry naturally, or keep the heat at a minimum. The hot hair can stimulate oil production faster.
  • Hands Off
    Touch your hair as little as possible. The more you touch, brush, and even style your hair, the more oil you produce and the more noticeable that grease gets throughout the day.
  • Use Dry Shampoo
    Dry shampoo should be your best friend. Use dry shampoo for quick oil absorption during the day if you find yourself greasy before the day is even over, or on days that you don’t shampoo.

And remember to always wear your Hidden Crown!


Some many options with Hidden Crown Hair Extensions…

Loving this icy custom colored bob look from Kelly! She had her #116 toned and cut to perfection by her stylist!


Gorgeous Fishtail Braid Look done by Amanda John!


Tanya is looking gorgeous with her loose waves and her 60/8 in 20 inches!


Stacy is ready to hit the stage with her sleek Hidden Crown Layered Extension! 👑 Color 622, 18inches!


Pair your Hidden Crown with a hat! Sydney is looking flawless as ever in her Hidden Crown #60/8!


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Always wear your Hidden Crown… Until next time queens!


Having static hair can be such a pain especially when your taking photos and you don’t wait your static-ish hair to be the center of attention.


However, it’s so easy to fix static hair without having to spending 827482x of dollars on keeping your hair static free.


Here are some easy tips and items you can use on How To Deal With Static Hair


  1. Natural bristle brush – Sometimes all you need to do is to tame your static hair with a natural bristle brush. They are a great investment and help distribute natural oils throughout your hair.
  2. Metal or rubber combs only – Plastic combs are actually the worst things to use do deal with static hair and contribute to the static. Metal and rubber only!
  3. Silicone based conditioners – The silicone ingredient will help coat your hair and the static will become neutral from electric charge
  4. Avoid wearing rubber-soled shoes – Weird but apparently these help gravitate electric charge and contribute to staticky hair which allows you to get shocked when you touch something
  5. Hairspray – When you spray hairspray on your hair when its damp or wet, it can help get rid of the static
  6. Frizz Control Spray – You can easily purchase this anywhere at Target, Ulta, Walmart, Sephora, Sally’s, grocery stores and even drugstores. Now it’s just the matter of finding one suitable for your hair type.
  7. Lotion – When your out and about, you don’t want to be carrying a whole salon in your purse. A little easy tip you can do to prevent static hair is to simply just add some lotion and run it through your hair but of course.. use wisely!
  8. Dryer sheets – It’s an old trick in the books but it still works! You can rub them on your hair or even on your combs and brushes to help prevent flyaways.
  9. Humidify that room! – When you humidify your room, the moisture level with become greater instead of ir being dry which will help with the static!


Hope these tips help your static hair needs!

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Hidden Crown

There are many times I’m sure where you probably want to style and curl your hair but 1. You may not have a curling iron or 2. You don’t want to damage your hair because of the heat.

With that being said, now a days if you just use your imagination, you can curl your hair with products you already own right in your own home.

Here is a little breakdown on How To Curl Your Hair With Paper Towels

First you need to grab a brush, rat-tail comb, spray bottle, hairspray and of course, 1 roll of paper towels.

1. Start tearing up paper towels strips which should be ripped into 2 inches wide
2. Take 1 inch section of your hair and use your spray bottle with water
3. Grab a piece of the paper towel, take the bottom of your hair, wrap up the paper towel and roll it up all the way to the scalp
4. With each section of hair that is wrapped up in the towel,tie the ends of the paper towels together
5. Once you finish tying up all the paper towels together, you can sleep with them overnight
6. When you wake up and are ready to get ready, just untie the paper towels, spray some hairspray to keep your locks together and there you go!

Hope this little hair tutorial with paper towels helps out for your curly hair needs!
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Hidden Crown