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Summer time is always the best time to break out of your comfort zone and try something new, especially with hair. Whether it’s getting a new hair do or even changing your hair color, it is a great opportunity to do something different. If you don’t want to chop off your hair but wanna dye your hair for some fun, here are some trendy summer hair colors you can try out!

  1. Soft Blonde Balayage


2. Overgrown Rooted Hair


3. Two Toned Hair


4. Rose Gold Hair 


5. Lilac Hair


6. Watermelon Hair



7. Unicorn Hair 


8. Holographic Hair



9. Rainbow Hair


So many fun and trendy hair colors, what look will you decide!


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There comes a time in every girl’s life where she wants to change her look. So we ask the very simple question… long hair or short hair?


Long Hair.

Most love the options that come with long hair, the braids, the buns, ponytails and half up/half down styles. The possibilities are endless. But with all those possibilities comes a lot of responsibility. Brushing your hair at least six times a day, and don’t even get me started about what happens in warmer weather. The frizz is absolutely ridiculous. This can be hard if you’re an on-the-go person and never really like to go the extra mile to look amazing yet somehow still want to look like you had the patience to sit there and neatly sort out the jungle that may be your hair. Not today, Satan. Not today. It has been said that men prefer long hair… True?


Short Hair.

 Wake up to hair that simply just needs to be brushed through and parted however you chose to wear it that day. You get out of the shower and don’t have to deal with knotting hair. Just a simple glide through with a brush is really all that is needed. Straightening and curling have become easier tasks as well. With shorter hair there’s not a lot to manage and style. Lets not forget, some braids and buns are not an option but, let’s face it, short hair usually doesn’t get in the way.

Until next time…

Hidden Crown Hair

A great hairstyle can be the perfect finishing touch to the total prom package! Here are some of our favorites…

The Wavy Half-Up ‘Do –

  1. Start by curling your hair.
  2. Then grab small sections from the top of your hair on each side (as you would for a French braid).
  3. Twist each section at the back of your head to create the “half up” section.
  4. Work your way down and secure your twists with a hair elastic

The Quick Messy Bun –

  1. Gather the hair. Pull the hair into a ponytail in the back. Secure the ponytail at the nape of the neck with a hair band. …
  2. Begin the fishtail braid. Divide the hair into two even sections. …
  3. Finish the look. Secure the bottom of the braid with a hair band.

The Mermaid Curls –

  1. First, pull your hair into a loose ponytail, as high or as low as you’d like it. Don’t use a comb or worry about your strands being perfectly slicked back—the look is effortless.
  2. Separate the hair in your ponytail into two or three sections and tease.
  3. Separate your teased hair into two sections and wrap the hair in opposite directions, as you would when creating a topknot. But, instead of pinning your hair neatly in, secure your hair with a bobby pin about an inch from the bottom of your strands, leaving the ends to fray around your bun, creating a messy effect. If you feel like the body of your bun is too tight, gently pull it apart with your hands or the end of a comb. We also like to pull a few rogue pieces out around the face.

The Fishtail Braid –

  1. Gather the hair. Pull the hair into a ponytail in the back. Secure the ponytail at the nape of the neck with a hair band. …
  2. Begin the fishtail braid. Divide the hair into two even sections. …
  3. Finish the look. Secure the bottom of the braid with a hair band.

Some of these are easy, others are a little more difficult, but all of them are the perfect DIY prom hairstyles for the big day.


Hidden Crown Hair


One of the best things you can do to take care of your hair is applying oil’s to help moisturize and keep your hair from drying out.

Here is a list of the best oils to use for your hair

1. Argan Oil
The best oil to use for dry and frizzy hair

2. Coconut Oil
The best oil to use for any type of hair

3. Macadamia Oil
Perfect for anyone with damaged or dry hair

4. Almond Oil
Best oil to use when you have dandruff

5. Kalahari Melon Seed Oil
Great for anyone with sensitive scalps

6. Baobab Oil
Best for boosting hair growth

7. Abyssinian Oil
Good for fine hair

8. Marula Oil
Best for holiday hair

9. Olive Oil
Great to coat your hair as a heat protectant

10. Jojoba Oil
Treats dry scalps

11. Castor Oil
Helps with hair growth

In terms of finding the perfect oil for your hair always read ingredients, know the stuff in it and of course.. pay attention to your hair! Also, oils are greasy and use them moderately. Make sure once you put oils in your hair to always wash your hair! Once you consistently add oil to your hair with your own routine, your hair will become healthy, shiny and beautiful!

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Hair hair hair.. do we wash it everyday? Do we wash it every other day? We are taught so many things about taking care of our hair which can get confusing for the most part.

Besides figuring out how often we are supposed to wash our hair, one question that we all can relate to is “How are we supposed to actually wash our hair correctly?”

Everyone has their own special way on taking care of their hair. However, sometimes we work with techniques that are often common mistakes which can damage our locks of hair. With that being said using the right techniques can make a big difference with your hair from the shine, bounce, texture and even it’s own health.

Here are some tips and tricks to correctly take care of your hair.

1. Start off with rinsing your hair
First step is to throughly wet your hair before you apply any shampoo or conditioner. Using hot or warm water will help with removing any dirt or any products which are trapped in the hair.

2. Anyone with long locks out there? Condition first!
Usually if you hair hair below shoulder length, it would be best to condition your hair first so you can protect your hair from getting damaged with using a small amount of conditioner and rinsing before shampooing your hair. This will help the ends of your hair healthy, smooth and shiny.

3. Lather up!
If you didn’t know, the top of your hair (which are your roots) are actually the only part of hair you need to shampoo.
The roots of our hair are the freshest, youngest and the oiliest part versus our ends which of course are older and drier.
All you really need is a quarter size of shampoo which will make your bottles go a long way.

4. Treat your hair like a baby.
Too much friction on your hair can actually damage the cuticles of your hair which can cause frizziness and breakage. When treating your hair, be gentle.

Start with the roots and lathering which will help the blood flow circulation and hair growth stroking vertically. If you use circular motions it can tangle your hair. You should then lather the ends in a straight stroking motion. It is highly suggested to not scrub your hair back and forth so avoid further damage.

5. No need for rinsing and repeating.
With every shampoo bottle, there are always steps listed on the back. Unless if your hair is absolutely dirty and the first wash didn’t do justice, then lather up again. However, it isn’t necessary to repeat the process.

6. Condition from mid-length to the tips.
Once you shampooed and rinsed it all out, squeeze out some of the hair before you condition. Then clip your hair up and finish showering allowing the conditioner to be the final step to rinse during your shower.

The more time conditioner sits on your hair, the better it grasps allowing your hair to stay soft and tangle free after your shower.

7. End with a cold rinse
Using cold water as a final rinse for your hair will close your hair cuticles tight sealing the outer layer of your hair. This will also allow your hair to give not only the most light but the best shine.

Other tips to follow to properly treat your hair
-Using shampoo and conditioner products made particularly for your hair.
-Your hair type depends on how often you should wash your hair.
-Filter your water.

Next time you wash your hair, give these steps a try! Using these steps can definitely help to maintain your locks to be the healthiest it can be.

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Summer time is here! Which also means its the season to bring out our sunscreens, tanning oils and of course sea salt sprays to create those natural, beachy, wavy hair styles we all love.

One things for sure, sometimes our hair looks amazing once it’s spent during one full day at the beach which is probably why many love purchasing sea salt sprays for that summer hair look.

Little do people know though, you can also easily achieve this same look right at home.

Here is a little DIY on how to create your own person Sea Salt Spray!

1 plastic spray bottle
1 cup of water
1 tablespoon of sea salt
1 table spoon of unrefined coconut oil
1 tablespoon of leave-in conditioner
Essential oil (lavender, mint, lemon tree etc.) optional*

1. First pour the water and sea salt into the spray bottle. Mix until water dissolves.
2. Mix leave-in conditioner and coconut oil separately in a bowl. After you mix those two ingredients together, add them into the spray bottle.
3. Add a few drops of essential oil of your choice *optional
3. Shake everything in the bottle and boom! 1,2,3 you got yourself your own DIY sea salt spray!

So if you wanna achieve that salty, fun in the sun beach hair, try this easy DIY sea salt spray on a budget!

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Check out our latest feature on New You’s website “Hidden Crown Hair Extensions: The Hair Hack That Gives Back.”

Written by Cameron Peek, the article mentions about our extensions and the many perks when purchasing Hidden Crown Extensions.
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When thinking about music festivals, hair styles are one of the very first things that come to mind. The flower crown has always been a universal symbol for music festivals themselves and has been admired by many festival goers. With pinned up hair and a flower halo the simple look is complete and ready to go. The messy braid is also a classy yet simple hairstyle to pull off. Take a French braid and make it a bit messy by taking some hair strands out of the braid. If you want to still have flashy accessories in your hair , but don’t want to rock the floral crown you can put smaller doodads secured in by pins to give a more subtle style. If you want to go very simple then the side braid might be for you. Keeping it casual is sometimes the best way to go and makes for an easy preparation. At the end of the day any hairstyle is acceptable for a festival that lets you show your creativity and originality. Hopefully these styles help you make a decision for your next festival.

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Dry Shampoo has actually been around longer than you might think. It was created surprisingly before liquid shampoo. Its main goal was to keep your hair in style and prevent it from carrying any odor. While it still serves some of the same purposes today it is also used to keep the color in your hair longer. Dry shampoo also comes in handy if you are in a rush in regards of time. Not only will it help keep the shape you want your hair to take on, it will also help fight off humidity. Using dry shampoo allows you to go longer in-between each shampoo use. It also incorporates volume to your hairstyle that will hold throughout the day if you get the right product for your hair type. A majority of the grease and oils in your hair will also be picked up by the dry shampoo while leaving behind a nice fragrance that stays on your scalp. It should be considered to use for hair extensions as well because water contact should try to be avoided. Finally, if you are washing your hair less with traditional shampooing you will have the opportunity to give your hair a break from using so many tools and products as often as you do. There is a right dry shampoo for everyone!

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Some people think you need to spend an extensive amount of hours at the hair salon to achieve perfect hair. Little do you know there are ways to take care of your hair with simple products right at home.

Here are some Natural Hair Masks you can create from products in your own kitchen:

Coconut Oil
1/4 Coconut Oil
This mask is really simple and all your need is one ingredient which is obviously the obvious.. coconut oil!
All you need is a quarter of warmed up coconut oil, and apply it to your hair (either wet or dry) and leave it on for an hour.
Make sure you put a shower cap on so the oil doesn’t go all over the place. Once you are done, wash your hair and go on with your regular after shower hair routine.

Avocado Hair Mask
1 Avocado
1 Tablespoon Almond or Olive Oil
1/4 Cup Milk
Blend avocado until you get a puree. The add the milk and the oil you desire with the avocado and mix well. Apply the mix all over your hair and then cover your hair with a shower cap for 15 minutes. Once time is up, rinse out your hair and make sure residue is washed out.

Egg Mask
2 Eggs
2 Tablespoons of Olive Oil
First separate the egg yolks from the whites since you only need the yolk for the mask. After you separate, pour the olive oil and whisk with the yolk all together. Then apply the mixture on your hair is damp, it will be easier to apply this to your hair. After, grab a shower cap and let the mixture soak in your hair for 20 minutes. Once time is up, wash your hair with lukewarm or cool water so the eggs don’t cook in your hair. When this mixture washed off, your hair should feel moisturized and soft.

Hope you guys enjoy these natural hair masks. Not only are these natural but they are also easy and will help your hair become soft and shiny.

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