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QUEENS! We welcome you to 12 Days of Hidden Crown Holiday Hairstyles! Each day we will be posting a new look with step by step instructions on how to create these beautiful looks. All done by Queen Bonnie B herself!

Day 1 of Styles with Hidden Crown:

Step #1-
Apply your Hidden Crown Halo-shaped Extension

Step #2-
Apply your Crown Topper

Step #3-
Section off the front side sections of your hair and clip out of the way under your chin

Step #4-
Create a small back centered ponytail with some volume

Step #5-
Taking large sections French braid all the hair in the back

Step #6-
Unclip the front two side sections of your hair
Twist the left side section of your hair

Step #7-
Lay it across the back of your head and pin to the other side with a bobby pin

Step #8-
Twist the right side section and lay across the back of your head securing it on the left side with a bobby pin

Step #9-
Pull and pin hair where needed to complete your style


Happy Holidays!  Why are the holidays so great, you may ask?  Well, they’re full of family, love, and endless opportunities to style your hair.