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Long, healthy hair is the best hair.  Make sure your hair is the healthiest it can be by stopping the following five habits you might be doing everyday.



So you have your Hidden Crown Hair Extensions, but you want your actual hair to be a bit longer?  Keep reading for a few of our favorite tips and tricks for growing your hair.



Hidden Crown Hair Extensions are halo-type extensions… but what does that mean? Let us explain!



We want YOU to have the BEST quality hair extensions possible. Keep reading to see the extra steps we take to ensure you have a perfect crown sitting on your head. ♥


Queen of the Week - Kimmie

We’d like to take a moment and let you all in on Kimmie’s life.  Keep reading to see why we chose this beautiful, strong woman to be Queen of the Week.



She’s beautiful.  She’s intelligent.  She’s determined.  She’s the ultimate queen!  Shelley Goodstein is at the tip-top of the Hidden Crown Hair Extensions company.  She’s the woman who started the entire project!  The crazy thing about it?  This is only one of the many remarkable things she’s done in her life.



Keep reading to see our newest featured Queens! ♥ (more…)

Queen of the Week - Aubrey Kinch

Without a doubt, you have seen us repost a ton of Aubrey Kinch’s pictures.  Hey, it’s not our fault we’re kind of obsessed with her!  She has a lovely spirit that matches her outer beauty perfectly.  Keep reading to learn a little more about her.


Queen of the Week - Maddie Rose

Time for Queen of the Week!  This week we have chosen… *suspense*… Maddie Rose!  This Beauty Queen proudly wears her Crown everywhere she goes.  In fact, she wears two! Keep reading to see why we love her. ♥


Queens Wearing Crowns

Have we mentioned how much we L O V E getting everyone’s #CrownSelfie photos? We enjoy it so much, we’ve gathered a few of everyone’s photos and have started our new series: Queens With Crowns!