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Happy July babes! Who is ready for the 4th!? We are helping you prep for the celebrations with these 4 cute, fun and EASY hairstyles!! All featuring Hidden Crown Hair!! Which is your favorite?

Tutorial #1 WATCH NOW:
Two Pigtail Braids with Red Scarf

Tutorial #2 WATCH NOW:
Half Up Pony

Tutorial #3 WATCH NOW:
Half Bubble Ponytail with Red Scarf

Tutorial #4 WATCH NOW:
High Ponytail with Red Scarf

4th of July Hair Inspo

Ah, 4th of July.  The perfect day for friends, fireworks, beach, and cute hair.  Regardless of what you end up doing, there’s always a way to make sure your hair looks great for all the pictures you’re going to take.  We’ve gathered a few photos and videos for you to feel inspired to style your Hidden Crown!