It’s almost summer!!

We are so excited to switch up our hairstyles for the new season!

As we all know it’s going to start heating up, so we need to find the perfect hairstyles that will keep us cool!

We are so excited to try out some new hairstyles that incorporate one of our favorite things….braids!!

Braids make everything look better and they are easy to throw into any hairstyle.

For those really hot days where you just want all of your hair up and out of your way try doing a bun. This isn’t just any ordinary bun though. First you need to grab a few random strands around your head and start creating thin braids. Then grab all of your hair together and put it into a ponytail and wrap it around into a sock bun! What it should look like when your finished, is something like this….

Screen Shot 2016-06-07 at 6.16.40 PM

You can also save some time and throw your hair up into two low messy buns on either side of your head. That should turn out something like this….


Not feeling the bun hairstyle?

Okay, lets try a long braid.

The first one is just a simple braid down the front side of your hair, using your bangs. You then incorporate the rest of your hair into the braid to make it flow down the side and you’re done!


This second one is a little less time consuming. For this one, start off by taking two small pieces from each side of your head in the front and leave them out for now. Take the rest of your hair and put a clear elastic around it to hold it into a ponytail. Go down a few inches and put another clear elastic in. Repeat this so you have three clear elastics in your hair. Now, take those two small pieces you left out before and start wrapping them in opposite directions around the clear elastics. Once you get to the last clear elastic, tie another clear elastic on to hold the two small pieces in place. Once you’re done, the hairstyle should look something like this….


Not into braiding or buns?

Well there are two options….you can just put on your Hidden Crown Hair Extensions and leave your hair down naturally without doing anything. Or you can add a cute accessory to your hair like a starfish!



What will be your hairstyle of choice this summer?


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