What are you planning on wearing to Stagecoach!?! Read more to find out what we have in mind for the festival.

Before deciding on any outfits you have to make sure you have these five Stagecoach essentials first!

1.Cowboy Hat

2.Cowboy Boots

3.Huge Belt Buckle

4.Trendy Sunglasses


Once you have checked these off your list of things to pack, we can now go into what to wear with these accessories!

Day One: Crop top & Jean shorts.


Day Two: Flannel & Ripped jeans.


Day Three: Wear something to show off your red, white, and blue!

Also make sure to bring a country inspired shirt to show off your love for the music


The weather is going to be warm during the day and cold at night so always be sure to remember to bring a flannel or a jacket for when the temperature starts to drop. It’s never a good time when your so cold you can’t even enjoy yourself.

What will you be wearing to Stagecoach?


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