How are you doing your hair for stagecoach?! Can’t decide? Check out some hairstyles we have put together that we think are perfect for this country festival!

Stagecoach Hairstyles

Three days of country, three different hairstyles needed. It’s going to be hot but you’re still going to want to look cute. We have chosen three different hairstyles for you to try this weekend! They are easy and will keep you looking good all day long!

⇒ The half-up, half-down wavy hairstyle. Keeps the main hairs out of your way and also keeps your hair free flowing!⇐


⇒ Accessorize any hairstyle with a bandana, when it gets too hot use it to pull back your hair into a ponytail or bun! ⇐


⇒The double reverse braid down the back to connect it into either a low bun or a low ponytail! Keeps you cool and keeps your hair out of your way when you start to two-step!⇐


What kind of hairstyles are you planning on wearing??

Don’t forget to send in your pictures of you wearing your Hidden Crown Hair Extensions at Stagecoach to get featured on our Facebook and Instagram!♥


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