Spring is in the air… or rather, the hair! As the temperature goes up, so do your chances of the sun damaging your hair! If you’re going on an outing for Easter, you’ll want to know these essential tips on how to keep your luscious locks looking fresh and beautiful. Scroll down to see more!

So, how do I know if my hair has been damaged by the sun?

Prolonged exposure to UVA and UVB rays can cause damage to the outside cover of the hair strand, also known as the cuticle. Signs include: split ends, thinning, dry & brittle strands, and frizz. Sun damaged hair dries extremely quickly, and won’t be able to hold a curl or style. Those with light, fine strands are more vulnerable to sun damage. African Americans are also susceptible due to the flat and coiled shape of the hair strand.

Sun rays act like bleach, causing an irreversible chemical reaction in the strands that causes them to become very brittle and dry.

What can I do to prevent sun damage to my hair, now that I know?

Using flat irons, curlers, and hair rollers can all cause damage to your hair. Swimming pools with chlorine, alongside hair lightening/bleaching products, cause extensive trauma to the cuticle. All of these in combination with the summer sun can be extremely detrimental to the health and overall look of your hair strands.

Here are some ways to protect your hair:

Go out earlier, or later in the day to protect your hair as you would your skin!

Wear a hat, or use an umbrella. There is no true “sunscreen” for your hair, so covering it with headgear is the best option. There are products out there that can be spritzed onto your hair as an added form of cuticle protection, so if you forget your hat at home, you can use these. Headgear is highly recommended above all else!

After swimming in a chlorinated pool, be sure to rinse your hair completely with clear and clean water.

Use conditioner! Make sure to condition your hair thoroughly with the right kind for your specific hair type and color. If you have thin strands, aim for a volumizing and moisturizing conditioner.

Allow your hair to air dry rather than using a blowdryer or any heat products.

If your hair is already damaged, try not to shampoo your hair more than 1-2 times a week. This will allow your hair to recover as the chemicals in shampoo can cause more damage if used too often.

Putting your hair in a bun has been known to help protect the scalp, part and cuticle from sunburns and sun damage!

What do you ladies think? Are you ready for the spring and summer heat? We hope you found these tips and tricks helpful.

Until next time, beauty queens!

XOXO, Hidden Crown