What are you going to do? Wear? and What hairstyle?!

We’ve got you covered, read more to find out what our Spring Break is going to look like!

〈〈 Spring Break Inspiration 〉〉

We think a week is plenty of time to take some time and travel! Are plane tickets too expensive and planning a big trip just seems like a headache. Then don’t go far! Take a mini vacation somewhere far enough but also close enough.


We think San Diego (above) and Catalina Islands (below) are both perfect destinations for a short getaway this Spring Break.


Now what to wear??? We think theres a time to keep it simple and theres a time to spruce it up a bit. Depending on the occasion, you can simply wear a plain white tee and match it with some ripped up jeans or you can wear a floral romper with some wedges.



Even when you are out on the water, why not throw on a cute cover up to walk around in. We love the white lace cover ups and think they can go with every design and styled bathing suit that you choose.


We have picked out a couple of destination and outfit choices, but what about a hairstyle?

Our go to hairstyles are quick, easy, and will get you ready for a day on the beach and a night on the town.


Try straightening your hair or throwing it up into a messy bun! Either one goes with every occasion!


What are you doing this Spring Break? Let us know in the comments below! We love to hear from you!


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