You don’t have to leave your house or spend a dime to get the perfect blow out.

Want to know how?

You won’t need to go to a salon again! With these five easy steps you will become a pro.

First you should prep your hair to prevent any major damage. After showering, make sure to pat dry your hair and don’t rub! Rubbing your hair together causes breakage and spit ends and no one wants that. While its still damp, spritz your hair with a volumizer and make sure you concentrate the spray on the areas you want some extra body. Start blow-drying right away to prevent frizz.


When blow-drying, separate your hair into small sections. For each section position a medium-size round brush under the roots and roll it as you blow-dry to add a little more shape.

While going through each section stop just short of the ends of your hair and tilt the brush so it’s vertical, then give it a twist so the hair is wrapped around it. Let your blow-dryer hit the hair wrapped around your brush for a few seconds and then let it cool off before unwinding. This will give extra bounce to your hair!

To finish off your brilliant blow out. Add some shine! Mist on a glossy spray and if there’s not enough volume for your liking, lightly tease your hair in the sections you would like to see more volume.

Now you know the steps, try it out yourself!


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