Rainbow Hair is IN

Life is too short to have boring hair must be the morning mantra for all the women participating in the Sand Art Hair trend— and we highly agree with the saying! That’s why we love adding instant length and volume to hair, because life is too short to have hair we don’t love.  Keep reading to see how these women are taking loving their hair to a whole new level. ♥

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IG: @theunicorntribe

Sand Art Hair is all over Instagram nowadays.  Rebecca Taylor is leading this trend alongside Pravana.  If you look at each of their Instagram accounts, they’re basically two rainbow collages (find them here and here).


IG: @masii.cheveux

And of course, we especially love the women with long hair.


IG: @bottleblonde76


IG: @pravana

IG: @pravana


IG: @haircut.gr

IG: @haircut.gr

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Amazing, right?  Although many of us may not end up trying this trend (cheers to you if you do!), we may feel inspired to try something new with our hair now.  Consider changing up the length of your Hidden Crown Hair Extensions!  Or perhaps using a lighter Crown for an ombré look.

IG: @hiddencrownhair

IG: @hiddencrownhair

Or if you decide to color your Hidden Crown entirely, just follow these tips:

Royal Haircare Tips 6

IG: @hiddencrownhair



What do you think about Sand Art Hair?  Too much going on or is it just right?  Let us know in the comments below. ♥


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