Queen of the Week - Aubrey Kinch

Without a doubt, you have seen us repost a ton of Aubrey Kinch’s pictures.  Hey, it’s not our fault we’re kind of obsessed with her!  She has a lovely spirit that matches her outer beauty perfectly.  Keep reading to learn a little more about her.

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We found Aubrey when she started tagging @hiddencrownhair on Instagram and it was love at first sight.  Her page is filled with amazing hairstyles and boho chic outfits.


This 25-year-old blonde beauty has already managed to begin her career in web design (focus in blogs, of course) and build several blogging platforms of her own.  Lucky for us, she loves spreading her knowledge of beauty, fashion, and love.



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Doesn’t her Hidden Crown always look amazing?  Her real hair is the length of a bob, but she wears Hidden Crown Hair Extensions in Color #60/8P and is a pro at blending.  Watch her YouTube video below:


And find her links here:







Keep posting pictures, Aubrey!  We love them. ♥


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