You’ve probably seen Alex in quite a few of the pictures we post!  We just can’t resist posting this beauty queen constantly.  Keep reading to find out why we can’t get enough of Alex. ♥

•  Queen of the Week: Alexandra Themm  •



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Color #8 and 622 - 20

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We brought Alex on set back in April for the first time and we had to bring her back for a second shoot.  This stunning young woman is effortlessly beautiful and looks glamorous in each shot.  Past her gorgeous face, she is a sweet girl with so much in store for her future.  And can you believe she’s only 20 years old?  She’s gained an incredible amount of experience since she first started modeling when she was 16.

Alex is humble, intelligent, and kind-hearted.  She has her silly moments, so doing her hair and make up never fails to be a fun time.  Certainly a model we will be bringing back for another photoshoot in the future!

Find this beauty’s Instagram here: @alexthemm

And follow Hidden Crown Hair Extensions to see photos of her and our other gorgeous models: @hiddencrownhair

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