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Awapuhi wild ginger sulfate-free rich lathering shampoo and conditioning system are exactly what we recommend to use for your Hidden Crown Hair Extensions.  Why are these products so perfect?  It is all 100% sulfate-free.  Hidden Crowns must be washed with sulfate-free products to ensure they are kept in the best condition.

What are other bonuses about these Paul Mitchel products?  The Awapuhi extract in the products replenishes every strand with intense moisture and shine.  Additionally, it repairs to transform lackluster hair, which is particularly ideal for color-treated and chemically processed hair.  And an extra bonus?  Paul Mitchell does not conduct nor endorse animal testing! Yay!

Washing Hair Care Tips:

Hidden Crowns should be washed every 2-4 months

They must be washed with sulfate-free products.  So whether or not you decide to use these Paul Mitchell products, just make sure whatever you do use is sulfate-free!

Conditioning after shampooing is a necessity.

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