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Find out why this product is one of our favorites…

This Healthy Sexy Hair product called Soya Want It All is the perfect addition to any collection.

It is a lightweight leave-in conditioner containing Sexy Hair’s soy, cocoa and argan oil blend that penetrates the hair shaft helping to rebuild and protect hair from roots to ends.

The 22 in 1 is the biggest feature of this product and is what made us fall in love with it. The 22 key benefits include: Thermal protection, humidity resistance, moisture, nourishment, body building, repair, shine, smoothness, color protection, detangling, elasticity, environmental protection, anti-static, anti-frizz, anti-aging, soothing, strength, style control, damage control, lightweight, priming and damage prevention.

To use this product, spray it onto damp hair and comb through for an even application. Once it is evenly distributed throughout your hair, you can blow dry it and style as normal!

It protects your hair from any type of heat you apply onto it, such as a straightener, blow dryer, and even your curling iron.

Watch this video below made by Sexy Hair to hear more about this wonderful product!

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