Product Spotlight!

Keep reading to find out why we love the Hair Bungee!

Are you up for trying something new??

We are hooked on these Hair Bungees!

These are unique hair elastics that work like magic. They are shaped in a ring and it is a single piece of specialized elastic with hooks on both ends.

To use this Hair Bungee, you simply hook one end of the bungee into your hair, wrap around the ponytail and fasten with the other hook. It’s simple. It works. & it’s not like any other hair elastic!

It prevents pulling and tugging on your hair to let you do and redo with your hair without the struggling of getting your hair elastics stuck. No one likes that…

The Hair Bungee works great with thick hair, so all of you girls out there who are having trouble with your normal hair elastics, the struggle is over!

It is ideal for creating up-dos, achieving smooth and sleek natural ponytails, controlling unruly hair, and more.

If you don’t fully grasp how to use this Hair Bungee, check out this YouTube video below to watch how to do it!

It’s your turn to get hooked!
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