Effortlessly keep your favorite looks in place with Aussie’s range of low-to-high hold hairsprays!

We love all Aussie products but their hairspray is our favorite. Not just one of their hairsprays but all three! For different hair types and styles you need a different type of hold.

The first one we love is the ‘Sun Touched Shine Hi Hold Hi Shine Spray.’ This one is ideal for dull and dry hair in need of a radiant boost and a high, firm hold. The main features of this one is it adds moisture, shine, and holds those stray hairs in place. When using this hairspray it’s going to add volume to your hair and leave your locks with a glossy finish. The perfect hairstyle to use with this one is beach waves! It will leave your hair beachy all day long.

(Online Price: $3.43)

The second one we love is the ‘Mega Hairspray.’ This one is perfect for styles in need of a flexible hold. It’s especially great for wavy and curled ‘dos. The main features of this one is it shapes, lifts, and holds your hair in place. Your locks will stay touchable, smooth and free to move. This hairspray holds your style without holding you back. It’s the winner of numerous beauty awards including Seventeen Magazine’s “Best Hairspray” Besties Award in 2013.

(Online Price: $1.99 – $3.43)

The third one we love is the ‘Instant Freeze Hairspray.’ This one is perfect for fussy hair that refuses to hold. It’s also great for all hair types. Instant Freeze will give you a firm hold over your hair and leave you with the ultimate polished look. It also washes out easily, so you don’t have to worry about left over residue!

(Online Price: $3.43)

Try all three and tell us your opinion on these brilliant products!


Hidden Crown ♥