Bringing a child into this world is one of the most (if not THE most) incredible experiences a woman can have. Although it seems like life is going perfectly, joyous moments can be cut short when some new mothers start experiencing serious hair loss and shedding. Is this happening to you? Don’t be alarmed – this is a more common occurrence than you may think! Scroll down to find out why this happens and what you can do to fix it…

Normally, 85-95% of your hair is actively growing while 5-15% is in a resting stage. During pregnancy, increased estrogen levels create even more hair growth, with less hair follicles in the resting stage. The flood of hormones keeps your hair looking fuller and thicker. After the child is born, estrogen levels drastically drop, resulting in more hairs turning to the resting stage. The resting stage follicles fall out easily when hair is brushed or washed. Some hairs even shed in clumps and it can be rather disheartening for a new mother to deal with on top of a newborn. There is NOTHING to worry about though! This hair loss is temporary, and your hair should be back to normal within 6 months to one year after childbirth!

Here are some tips to combat/cope with postpartum hair loss:

Hair extensions! These are always a go-to when hair loss is an issue. Many moms who experience this phenomena turn to hair extensions to help boost their self confidence during the transition period before the hair regrows again. If you’re a busy mom and strapped for time, Hidden Crown Hair Extensions are a great solution! You can get an incredible hairstyle with so much volume in just one minute!

If you aren’t one to want to buy extensions, you can use voluminizing mouse or any sort of thickener to give the appearance of dense hair.

Getting a short haircut can also be helpful! Having a quick wash-and-go cut is sometimes the best method for ladies who don’t have time to care for an intricate long hairstyle as they are attending to their children.

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