New year, new me! That’s how it works right? … Okay, so maybe not.  We start each year as the same person we were before, but we are able to set new goals and improve ourselves.  Below we’ve included a list of New Year’s Resolutions everyone should commit to.

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Just like that, another year is about to end!  We think back to a few of the events that happened over the year, and we are incredibly grateful.  Each event that has happened has pushed us in the right direction.  We are proud to say that Hidden Crown Hair Extensions has grown and is in the process of an amazing transformation.


We also think back to wonderful support and encouragement all of you beauty queens have given us.  2015 wouldn’t have been the same if it weren’t for your endless compliments and acts of kindness.  We are proud to be amongst a community of fantastic, supporting women.  Below is a list of three New Year’s Resolutions we believe we should ALL be striving for this year.


1. Healthy Hair


This year, we promise to take extra good care of our hair.  That means always putting on heat protectant before styling, investing in sulfate-free shampoos, and only washing every other day.  Our hair gives us incredible confidence, after all!  So we should be taking great care of it.


2. Focus on Happiness

made happiness

With everything around us moving so quickly, it’s easy to forget what’s truly important in life.  Next time you decide to pick up an extra shift, stop to think if you need a rest day.  Every once in a while, we all to to stop, take a moment, and take a deep breath.  Health and happiness are wealth.


3. Give to Others


This year, make an effort to take a few extra steps and give to others.  Giving to others brings joy to both the person you’re giving to and yourself.  You get an inner sense of happiness and satisfaction, so why not do it more often?  These gifts don’t have to be incredibly huge– it could be as small as their favorite candy bar or simply a compliment.




What were your favorite moments of 2015?  And what are your own personal resolutions for 2016?  Let us know in the comments below.




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