What are you plans this New Year’s Eve?  Whether you’ll be dancing or celebrating with a small group of friends, make sure your hair looks good.  You’ll be setting the mood for the entire year!

•  New Year’s Eve Hairstyle  •




♦                    ♦                   ♦


♦                    ♦                   ♦


♦                    ♦                   ♦


♦                    ♦                   ♦


Doesn’t Hannah look gorgeous?  She’s wearing a Color #2 – 20″ Hidden Crown Hair Extension.  This day was so much fun on set, because we dressed her up too!  Now she has a hairstyle and an outfit to bring in the New Year.  The hairstyle she’s wearing is one that only takes a few bobby pins, a headband, and a Crown Jewel for the final touch.  It’s a perfect hairstyle, no matter if you’re wearing a shimmery dress or a cozy outfit.


Watch the full video below to learn step-by-step instructions on how to achieve this look.


Comment below with what you’ll be doing this New Years Eve!  And message us pictures on our Facebook page when you try this hairstyle.


• Hidden Crown •