It’s the beginning of a new year again & it’s time to switch it up with some new hair, don’t you think?

Whether you want to try a new style, a new color, or maybe just add a bit more length and volume to your gorgeous locks, we’ve got you covered.

With our extensive library of how to videos on our YouTube channel, you can learn how to straighten your hair to creating the perfect hair bow! We are always adding new videos and styles you can create with our extensions. If you have tried them all, why not play around and see what you can create all on your own! We love seeing what you lovely ladies come up with, even if it’s just a regular braid, you can always add your personal touch to it and voila! It’s now your own unique hairstyle.✨

If you’re sick of your hair color but don’t want to damage your already thin hair. We have a perfect solution. Combining one of our extensions, our Hidden Crown or our DayDream, along with our Crown Topper, you can change your color in just a few minutes. Just take your own natural hair and pin it up in the back, flat against your head. Then place either your Hidden Crown or DayDream extensions on your head so it sits comfortably. Next snap on your Crown Topper & you have now changed your natural hair color to the color of your dreams! It’s that easy and it’s even easier to take off. The best part is you get a new color without the hassle of dye and without actually changing your hair color at all. It can be our little secret. 😘

Maybe you don’t want to try any new styles and you love your natural color. That’s okay too, you can always get new hair the easy way & just add a bit of length and volume with our Hidden Crown or DayDream extensions! It takes a few minutes to put them on and only a few seconds to take them off! Go from short hair to long hair in whenever you want without having to wait for it to grow out or cut it! ❤️

It’s fun to try new things and with it being a new year, the time to start is now.

Until Next Time…

XoXo – Hidden Crown