It’s a new year!! & it’s that time to make those new year resolutions!

It is officially 2017 and it’s going to be the best year yet!

First the most important decisions of the year need to be made. It’s time to start fresh and make a new list of goals for this year.

Maybe last year was amazing and maybe it wasn’t so good to you, but either way a new year means new resolutions.

Lets start with keeping up with taking care of your extensions. We can be honest here, we all wish we didn’t have to do anything with them and they would stay perfectly pretty for years on end. This, however, is not the case. You need to care for them just like you do with your own natural hair. Our extensions are made out of 100% Remy Human hair, which means they can get damaged just like your own natural hair, because they are natural hair!

You have made an investment for your beauty and the upkeep is extremely important. First off, make sure you are only washing them when it’s completely necessary. If you over wash them, you’re going to dry them out and rough them up a lot quicker. Also try not to use any products on them. Most products leave some kind of residue behind and this isn’t good to be coating your extensions with. Make sure you are using high quality shampoo and conditioner and aren’t being super aggressive when handling them while styling or washing. If you don’t have to use heat, don’t use it. It’s REAL HAIR, so just like our own hair, if we apply heat too often, we start to get split ends. Thankfully our extensions hold heat very well, so if you want to straighten them or curl them, they can hold that shape up until you want to wash them.

Just doing those few things above will save your extensions and make their lifespan the longest possible. Remember, they are 100% Remy Human hair, so treat them like you would your own natural hair & you will be just fine.♥

Now that we went over that important #goal for this year. Start digging deep and write down all of your own #goals! See what you can come up with and what you would like to accomplish before this year is over.

Don’t forget to stay in touch and let us know how your new year resolutions are going. ♥

Until Next Time…

XoXo – Hidden Crown