Mermaid Hair is all the new rage & these girls have perfected the look, click more to see what’s inspiring us!

From the bright colors to the beautiful hairstyles, we are in love with the mermaid hair trend.

This trend has definitely caught our attention and inspired us to try a few new hairstyles ourselves and we hope it does the same for you!!

Of course the longer and fuller hair the better so we always make sure to wear our Hidden Crown Hair Extensions when styling our hair.


The way the colors form an ombre and blend in perfectly with one another is breathtaking.

When creating any mermaid hairstyle you need to make sure to use the right colors. Any hue of blues, greens, and purples are acceptable and work the best!

Most hairstyles created either have curls, braid, or an accent added to the hairstyle afterwards.


b773f8743902bccd9884ea1a291e71e7The most common accents are ocean related such as a starfish or seashell. When we create the mermaid look, however, we like to use our Crown Jewels.

We also recommend when dying your hair these bright and beautiful colors that you have a professional do it for you, to preserve your hair from any major damage that can be caused when not dying it correctly.

Don’t forget to tag us in your mermaid hairstyles using our Hidden Crown Hair Extensions and tell us what inspired you to create it!


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