Meet Bonnie B

If you’ve seen any of our Hidden Crown Hair Extensions videos, you know Bonnie has a HUGE role in Hidden Crown! She is constantly creating new and beautiful hairstyles for us to show you! So we want to you know a little more about Queen Bonnie B.

Meet Bonnie B. ♥

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Bonnie is one of the masterminds behind Hidden Crown! She dedicates such an inspiring amount of time into the company and it truly pays off.  She has managed to make Hidden Crown grow immensely… all while looking amazing!

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She wears her crown everyday, like a true Queen!  And she firmly stands by the fact that short-haired Queens can wear crowns too.  After all, she is a perfect example (see photo above)!  Whether your hair is straight, curled, or in a braid… the possibilities for short and long haired girls are endless!

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But Bonnie goes beyond simple hairstyles.  She creates all kinds of gorgeous up-do’s for all occasions!  The photo above shows one of her sweet and simple up-do’s perfect for brides, summer picnics, and brunch!



A strong motivator behind Bonnie is her daughter, Brielle.  You’ve probably seen Brielle in a few of our videos!  She loves hanging out with her mom and getting dolled up with her.  And Bonnie has a great time trying new hairstyles and colors on Brielle!  One of Bonnie and Brielle’s favorite ways to use their Hidden Crown Hair Extensions is to create the ombré look!  Aren’t they such an adorable mother-daughter duo?

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So now that you’ve officially met Bonnie, head over to our Hidden Crown Hair Extensions YouTube channel!  You’ll get to know more about our Queen Hairstylist!  And let us know which one of her hairstyles is your favorite in the comments below!


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