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Hidden Crown Hair Extensions are so easy to put on and take off, it’s no question people always wonder how in the world they stay on.  We’re here to explain exactly how you are still able to move so freely while you wear a Crown!

As you know, Hidden Crown Hair Extensions only require a few steps to put on properly.  No glue, no clips, no damage.

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 So is it possible to jump around and for them to stay on?  Can someone wearing a Crown work out with it?  What can you do while wearing a Hidden Crown?!

Answer is: pretty much anything.

Hidden Crown Hair Extensions are 140 grams of 100% human hair.  With the length and thickness of the extensions, their is enough weight holding down the hair to keep it from wiggling anywhere.  And for extra hold, your actual hair that you lay over the Hidden Crown gives it an extra weight.  So simple!


Planning on working out? You can do that while wearing a Hidden Crown too!  All you have to do is tie it up in a pony tail, just like you would your actual hair.  We know, so easy it’s mind blowing.


For a little further explanation, watch our YouTube video below with Bonnie B. making it nice and easy.

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Now that the wonders of a Hidden Crown are answered, do you have any other questions?  Let us know in the comments below! ♥
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