Want to know how to straighten your Hidden Crown the proper way?

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♥ How to Straighten Your

Hidden Crown ♥

If you are having trouble straightening your own hair or your Hidden Crown or maybe even both, Bonnie has created an easy step by step video for you guys to learn how to get it done in minutes!

In this video you will see Bonnie talking about how you should be able to get each group of hair straightened with one or two slow swipes down. Key word being slow. Of course before you straighten your own hair or the Hidden Crown you should always brush out any tangles. While you are straightening, it is a good idea to use the Hidden Crown heat resistant comb to pull the strands of hair apart as the straightener follows behind it. This allows each strand to become heated and to straighten quicker. It will not only make it faster to style, but the less times you have to go over the hair the better!

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How To Straighten Your Hidden Crown

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