The struggle is always real when it comes to tangled hair. It is such a pain to deal with all the knots in your hair. Whether you have short or long hair, it can be frustrating to deal with.

With that being said here are tips you can use to prevent tangling.

1. Trim your hair every 3 months

Cutting off your split or dead ends can really help your hair looking fresh and prevent your hair from being knotty.

2. Use a leave-in conditioner

Leave in conditioners are great to add extra shine and to keep your hair tangle free.

3. Apply a hair mask

Whether you use a DIY one with Coconut Oil or purchase one at the drugstore, it can definitely help soften your locks and tame them as well.

4. Avoid products with many chemicals

Putting chemicals in your hair can be really bad especially when you use them often. Plus they can damage your hair. Just be wiser with using too many products in your hair to keep it natural and also less tangible.


5. Minimize coloring your hair often

Putting color in your hair is always fun. However dying your hair too much can be damaging. No matter what kind of dye you use, it can ruin your hair. However, if you keep them to a minimum your hair not only can be less damaged but also less tangled too.

6. Use the right type of brush and comb for your hair

There are so many different brushes to choose from. However, one of our favorites brushes to use have to be any type of brush with wide-tooth combs. It is also good if you brush your hair in the morning and right before bed to prevent tangling.

7. Always condition your ends

Conditioning your ends can help them become softer and less dry. By doing this with your hair, it can help repair your hair from being tangled with the consistency as well.

8. Avoid heat as much as you can on your hair

Do whatever you can do use less heat on your hair as possible. Even if you need to straighten or curl, it i possible to go the heat-free route! With less heat applied to your hair it can also allow your hair to be more tangle-free.


Hope these tips help you with your tangle-free journey!

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