Having trouble hiding your wire?

It’s easy and after reading this you will never have to worry about it again!

 Before anything else make sure you have fit your Hidden Crown properly. This is the easiest fix. To make sure you have done it correctly, watch Bonnie show us how with our Youtube video below….

If this hasn’t fixed the problem and you can still see the wire, we have a few other tricks up our sleeve. 
You can always bring more of your hair on top of the Hidden Crown as long as it’s not too much. You will know if it’s too much if it starts to pull on the top of your head and causes an indent in your scalp. We have also created a video explaining this common wire challenge for you to watch below….
Another easy fix to hide the wire, is to simply tease the hair thats on top of the Hidden Crown to create a fuller look and bring your hair away from the Hidden Crown to cover it all the way around!
If you are still having some troubles, please email contact@hiddencrown.com for further assistance!♥
Hidden Crown