Have you ever wondered the SECRET to the Victoria’s Secret Angel’s beautiful shimmering locks and curls? You can achieve this look by following the steps below!

1. Apply mousse – Spray mousse onto a paddle brush and comb it through your strands. This allows the mousse to be applied evenly throughout all of your hair, starting from the root to the tip!

2. Dry your hair – Dry your hair 80% of the way while raking your fingers through the strands. Put a nozzle on the dryer afterwards. For curly hair: use a paddle brush, as the ends can get stuck more easily in round brushes. For fine/thin hair: Use a round brush with a ceramic center and boar bristles. Make sure that the nozzle is always pointing downward and parallel to your hair, as you can create frizz with an upward flow of air!

3. Part your hair – When you’ve finished drying your hair with your head flipped upside down, flip your hair right side up. Where your hair falls and parts naturally will be where the part is most attractive and fitting to your face shape. To make the part straight and precise, use the handle of a rat tail comb.

4. Add your extensions – Place in your Hidden Crown Halo Extensions! Since we use 100% real human hair and NO clips, you can continually wash, dry and style your extensions! Spritz a finishing spray over your hair for the curls you are about to create.

5. Curl your hair – Using a larger curling iron, wrap larger sections of your hair around the barrel and point it away from your face at a slight angle. This is used to achieve volume and a wave in the middle of your hair. Before releasing your hair from the clamp, open and close it on the ends to give your curls a slightly rounded edge. For longer lasting curls, make sure to pin them up while they cool, so they will set!

6. Add hairspray – Let down your hair and spritz hairspray onto a nylon and boar-bristle brush. Brush it through your curls collectively for a super gorgeous finish!

And there you have it! Try this technique for yourself and see how truly glamorous your hair can look.

Until next time, beauty queens!