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Because Hidden Crown halo shaped hair extension is made from human hair, you can treat it like your own and use a blowdryer, curling irons, straighteners, cut it, brush, wash and style it all over again again… But one question that we read frequently is: “Can I color my Hidden Crown?”

Can I color my Hidden Crown?

Yes! You can color your extensions to get the perfect match. It is best to choose a color that is close and to go darker. We do not recommend lightening whatsoever, because the extension has already been color processed. Just as bleaching agents may cause damage to your own natural hair so can it severely damage the extensions. It’s best to seek professional assistance as we cannot guarantee results or be held responsible for any failed color attempts. Always try a test strand first. You can find many You Tube tutorials on how to color human REMY  hair extensions.

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If you ordered the wrong color don’t worry – You may exchange your Hidden Crown for a different color. Simply contact us for instructions and return the unused extension in it’s original packaging within 7 business days and we will send a new Hidden Crown for you and will only ask that you are responsible for exchange shipping costs.

Colors #4 - Light Blonde

Remember that you can also take your extension to your hairstylist who can color you extension your exact color, but we recommend only a professional stylist skilled in coloring hair do this for you. It’s best to color your Hidden Crown a similar or darker shade (up to 2-3 shades darker) only for the best result because the extensions have already been treated and chemically processed they should not be overly lightened.

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“Here’s a quick extensions rooting video! I am working with: Hidden Crown 60/8p in 20inches. Client has hair to mid-back with lots of regrowth and caramel highlights. WeALREADY had her fitting and layered the extension piece into her hair, but I like to add roots to make it disappear into the hair completely. As most blondes have grow out, this is a great way to keep your blonde extensions from contrasting against the darkness of your hair at the scalp. In this video I added a good three inch root with Redken 5NW, washed, dried and then went back over with Redken 06n and 08GI which I feathered out another 6 inches for a melty look. This will allow her to style her hair with no worries over exposing a bright blonde chunk.”


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