There are many times I’m sure where you probably want to style and curl your hair but 1. You may not have a curling iron or 2. You don’t want to damage your hair because of the heat.

With that being said, now a days if you just use your imagination, you can curl your hair with products you already own right in your own home.

Here is a little breakdown on How To Curl Your Hair With Paper Towels

First you need to grab a brush, rat-tail comb, spray bottle, hairspray and of course, 1 roll of paper towels.

1. Start tearing up paper towels strips which should be ripped into 2 inches wide
2. Take 1 inch section of your hair and use your spray bottle with water
3. Grab a piece of the paper towel, take the bottom of your hair, wrap up the paper towel and roll it up all the way to the scalp
4. With each section of hair that is wrapped up in the towel,tie the ends of the paper towels together
5. Once you finish tying up all the paper towels together, you can sleep with them overnight
6. When you wake up and are ready to get ready, just untie the paper towels, spray some hairspray to keep your locks together and there you go!

Hope this little hair tutorial with paper towels helps out for your curly hair needs!
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