Curled hair is always the best go-to hairstyle for anyone!  Especially ladies with long hair.  ♥  Depending how loosely or tightly you create your curls, this style is perfect for all occasions.  Best part about it?  Hidden Crown Hair Extensions are made from 100% real hair, so you can curl them!  And we’re going to teach you how.

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Hidden Crown Hair Extensions are 100% Remy hair.  You can apply heat to them just as you would your natural hair, which means… the possibilities of styling are endless!  We’ll take you step by step on how to curl your Hidden Crown Hair Extensions to blend with your natural hair.

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Step One:

Begin by curling your natural hair first.  Once you’re done, put on your Hidden Crown.  We are using a 1″ curling iron at 360° for our model, Julie.


Step 2:

Get started curling!  We are curling in a vertical pattern away from her face.  Curling away from your face creates a more relaxed, beachy style.




Tip: Work from the top of the section to the bottom.  Doing so will create a stronger curl and will prevent it from being too bottom-heavy.

Step 3:

Rake through your hair with your fingers to blend the Hidden Crown and your natural hair together.



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Easy, right?

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#2 | 20 inches | Julie front

#2 | 20 inches | Julie Back

Watch the full YouTube video here ♥

Comment below if you’re feeling inspired to curl your hair. ♥



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