Better Putting on 7

Hidden Crown Hair Extensions is always here to answer ALL of your questions! Here is a common Hidden Crown Q&A: How does the Hidden Crown stay in place?!

The invisible wire that the hair extension is attached to simply sits on your head and is undetectable. It takes less than one minute to put on and literally one second to remove. It is perfect to use for anyone with thin or damaged hair because it does not attach with glue, clips or tape causing more problems with your natural hair.

Instead of attaching directly to your own hair, the Hidden Crown uses the weight of your own hair that’s put over the wire to securely lock the extensions in place, instead of attaching the extension to your hair itself. You can wear them to work out, go dancing, any special occasion or all day long … we just don’t recommend swimming or sleeping in your Hidden Crown (But we know girls that have.)

How to Put On – Easy as 1, 2, 3!



1. Put the Halo Crown on


2. Use a tail comb to pull hair over top


3. Style!



Hidden Crown Hair Extensions