July 23rd is not like any other day, it is the commencement of the Leo birthdays! Birthday shout-out to all of you Leo Queens.  Keep reading to see if Leo traits match yours and which hairstyles would suit you. ♥

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1. Leos are fully capable of being greatly successful on their own but they are much happier if they have an audience who look up to them. Leos need a hairstyle that will make people notice.

We recommend: braided up-do.  Nothing amazes people more than this simple yet complicated hairstyle.  




2. Leos are also social butterflies! People naturally want to be around a Leo’s positive energy.

We recommend: long, loose curls.  Leos are constantly out and about trying to hang out with as many friends and family as they can squeeze in.  Loose curls are not high maintenance and they will keep you looking polished as you run around town.



3. Leos despise dull, regular routines.  If this is what they are faced with, they will simply create their own drama and excitement.

We recommend: instant highlights with Hidden Crown Hair Extensions.  These extensions can give you an ombré effect and give you a lighter/darker look.

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The 2015 Leo Horoscope predicts that this is good time to make those big life decisions for Leos. This is a Leo’s time to concentrate on herself and to figure out what would make her happiest.

A Leo is a L I O N.  She is high esteemed and honorable!  A Leo are meant to feel beautiful and she knows it.  So if you’re a Leo, wear your Hidden Crown proudly!  You are a Queen inside and out.


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