We want YOU to have the BEST quality hair extensions possible. Keep reading to see the extra steps we take to ensure you have a perfect crown sitting on your head. ♥

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We want our beauty queens to be treated like royalty.  For this reason, we do our best to provide top quality, while maintaining the lowest prices.  YES, Hidden Crown Hair Extensions do offer the lowest prices for the quality of hair offered in the market.

Hidden Crown Hair Extensions have 140 grams of the finest quality REMY hair (12 inch Hidden Crowns has 120 grams). This is the same amount of hair purchased for a full set of clip or bonded extensions! So you’re getting a full head of hair with a Hidden Crown.

Of course, quality matters just as much as quantity! Hidden Crown Hair Extensions have remy hair, which is the highest grade of human hair on the market. This is because the hair still has it’s outer cuticle layer and all of the follicles face in the same direction. This advantage makes your Hidden Crown last longer and stay shiny, silky, and tangle-free.

Each set of extensions is also double drawn hair. Double drawn means the strands are the same thickness from root to tip as opposed to hair that becomes wispy at the ends. With this kind of hair extension, your hair will appear thick at the ends as well! Yay for more volume!

Trust us when we say we want you to have the best. We want to make you the most confident and beautiful person you can be. We make sure this happens by offering you a fantastic-quality Hidden Crown.

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