Hidden Crown Hair Extensions offers the best quality hair at the best competitive price we can offer. Similar companies offer hair quality that cannot compare to Hidden Crown because we offer 100% human remy hair. You can dye, style, wash, etc. your extensions and treat them like your own hair!

The Hidden Crown’s design is much simpler – a single micro clip and knot.

hidden closure


  • UK Brand 16 inch Original Halo, 100 grams – $350 [20 inch is $460]
  • UK Brand 16 inch Layered Halo 145 grams – $480 [20 inch is $580]
  • Hidden Crown 16 inch 140 grams – $249 [20 inch is $269]
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The retail pricing for the UK Brand original halo is more than $100 difference over Hidden Crown AND it’s 40% LESS hair than Hidden Crown. The pricing for the UK Brand layered halo which is just 5 grams more hair, is nearly double ($560)!
If you really want layers, to save the $200 to $ 300+ price difference, you could easily take the Hidden Crown Extension to your stylist and customize layers perfectly for your hairstyle.

Hidden Crown has thick ends. This is called “double drawn” hair in the industry. – Shelley GoodStein | A Model’s Secrets


There are also other companies that have the halo shaped extension with synthetic hair, at an extremely low price. This cannot compare to Hidden Crown at all because with synthetic hair, it will not blend naturally or style with hot styling tools, because it is “man-made” material.

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Hidden Crown Hair Extensions