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Bonnie shows us how to wear your Hidden Crown Hair Extensions. In this video, she shows us how to hide the wire so you do not have any improper fittings while wearing Hidden Crown Hair Extensions. Watch this video to fit your wire properly to avoid soreness as well as hiding the wire completely!


Bonnie shows us with her Hidden Crown on, you cannot see the wire at all.

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She then demonstrates how to put on a Hidden Crown, and explains exactly where the wire should fit on your head.

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When you slide it on it should be 1 inch from your hairline, and you pull the top half of your hair up and over.

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When it comes time to hide the wire, Bonnie said she really does pay close attention to hiding the Hidden Crown wire. She tells us to use a rat-tail comb and line the teeth up on your part. Then, dig down (pretty aggressively) and pull up to brush every hair strand the same direction as the wire.

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Watch the OFFICIAL Hidden Crown video here:

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