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“Left is my 16 inch and on the right my 20 inch. I LOVE your product! Having options with my hair makes every day fun….the extra confidence along with feeling beautiful is a bonus! I’ve never used any type of extensions before. The glue, clip ins, fusion, tape… it all seemed like so much work and so damaging. I wanted to be able to run my finger through my hair still and not feel that constant gripping and tugging from clips ins I always heard about. Did my research. Read reviews. Compared prices of ALL (and I mean all) types of extensions. I couldn’t be any happier with my decision!!!! Hoping to be April’s winner for my30th bday on April 18th♡ Momma needs some new hair! ‪#‎LoveMyHiddenCrownHair‬” – Michelle Shelby B.


“I just got my 16″ extensions yesterday and wanted to show you my before and after shots. This is a WOW! Thanks again for a great product.” Find your color on our website:


“Do you want to see the difference hair extensions make? Even when you cut them to be only an inch or two longer than your hair, your hair looks fuller, richer, healthier. Best part is with clipless extensions there is ZERO damage to your hair.” – Red Haute Mama. Love how Kirin added some copper henna to make it a perfect match for her unique red. BUY YOURS at

 “I can’t even begin to thank you for making these hair extensions!! It’s a blessing to look younger than my real age (even with the same makeup and outfit) simply by having thicker, longer hair. I have the #30Hidden Crown Hair Extensions, and I used “Copper” colored henna from Just for Redheads to make it perfectly match my color. Love, love, love not feeling embarrassed by my thin hair anymore. Thank you! xoxo
PS- in both pictures 100% of my hair was pulled forward just to give you an idea of how thick the extensions are.” – Kirin Christianson


“Such great success with your hair extensions.” – @ natbolts wearing her Hidden Crown Hair Extensions in 12 inches. BUY YOURS at



Hidden Crown Hair Extensions